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The Elon Musk—Twitter Takeover Saga: A Multi-Country Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Users (Updated July 2022)

In our analysis of over 4 million tweets during an 8-week period (March 1st and April 27th, 2022) across 5 countries— the United States, United Kingdom, India, South Africa, and Nigeria— we studied the sentiments expressed by users on the platform to Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover saga. While reactions to Musk’s initial criticism of the platform were generally more positive, his plan to buy Twitter was met with largely negative emotions.


Digital Pulse Methodology

Digital Pulse is a platform for measuring and understanding the public’s evolving emotional responses to breaking events. Conceived by Digital Planet as part of the IDEA2030 initiative, Digital Pulse harnesses unstructured data to gauge the reactions of various online communities across the globe to key events. Data gathering and analysis were conducted by Ripple Research, an IDEA 2030 affiliate, under the direction and guidance of the Digital Planet team.