Broadband Infrastructure Funding and the Digital Divide: Prioritizing People over Miles

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is the latest source of funding to expand broadband across the US. As local, state, and federal government officials weigh how best to allocate $65 billion in resources, we call for a “people over miles” approach that will ensure more Americans have access to broadband at the speed necessary to learn, work, and access vital services.


‘She Was Like A Big Sister To All Of Us’ — Tech Worker Killed With Her Children Attempting To Flee Ukraine Should Be Remembered As More Than A Statistic, Colleague Says

FinancialPress | Employees of SE Ranking, the Silicon Valley company whose chief accountant is the first known tech worker to be killed in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, want Tatiana Perebeinis to be remembered for more than the way in which she died, a co-worker told MarketWatch on Wednesday.


Some Employers Are Turning to Crypto to Assist Ukraine Employees

WorldatWork | As Russia continues its brutal military campaign in Ukraine, which it launched two weeks ago, several financial themes have emerged. One is the growing list of U.S. companies cutting off ties with Russia, with McDonald’s, Starbucks and Coke being the latest to join the list of nearly 300 companies. Another theme is the role cryptocurrency is playing.