Digital evolution index maps competitiveness of 60 countries – The Next Silicon Valley

Digital flows are now responsible for more GDP growth globally than trade in traditional goods. Automation, AI, the internet of things or business models such as the ‘sharing economy’ are changing how we conduct business and our lives. In this context, a new piece of research maps the digital competitiveness of 60 countries, in the ‘Digital Evolution Index 2017’ (DEI).

The DEI framework segments the 60 countries into ‘stand outs’, ‘stall outs’, ‘break outs’ and ‘watch outs’. Three countries are notable as standouts even within the stand out segment: Singapore, New Zealand, and the UAE. Each has a unique policy-led digital strategy and a narrative that may be considered by other nations as worthy of emulation or adoption. The Nordic countries and Switzerland are at the top of the DEI 2017 rankings. China tops the list of countries in terms of the pace of change in its digital evolution, or momentum.

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