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Which governments are best equipped to deliver public services online during a lockdown?

The delivery of public services online requires two necessary conditions: the infrastructure — hardware and software — for governments to deliver public services digitally, and abundant availability of affordable internet access. We scored and arrayed 42 countries on these two aspects: (1) digital public services and (2) inclusive and affordable internet. Additionally, we wove in a snapshot of the stringency of government lockdown and social distancing mandates into this analysis.

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How Ready are Countries Around the World to Enter and Exit Lockdowns During COVID-19?

While only part of any economy’s work can be done remotely, the success of moving large swaths of work into “socially distant mode” depends on multiple digital services: telecommunications platforms and apps, e-commerce, and digital media to keep people informed and make good business decisions. On top of that, countries need digital payment options capable of handling the surges in transactions.

IDEA 2030 Webinar

A World Online: Which Countries are Ready for the Great Lockdown and Which are Ready to Ease Up

April 22, 2020

The first webinar apart of the IDEA 2030 initiative explored the key findings of the Social Distance Readiness Benchmark. The benchmark explores how easily countries around the world can enter and exit lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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