New Zealand Ranked as a Top Digital Economy – Computerworld

New Zealand has been ranked by the Fletcher School at the US’s Tufts University as one of the world’s top digital economies along with Singapore, the UK, the UAE, Estonia, Hong Kong, Japan, and Israel as digital elites characterised by high levels of digital development and a fast rate of digital evolution.

Fletcher School ‘s 2017 Digital Evolution Index, sponsored by Mastercard, ranked Australia, along in Western Europe, the Nordics and South Korea as ‘stall out’ countries with a history of strong growth, but slowing momentum [an] without further innovation … at risk of falling behind.”

The Index tracks the progress 60 countries have made since 2008 in developing their digital economies and integrating connectivity. It measures four key drivers: supply (or internet access and infrastructure), consumer demand for digital technologies, institutional environment (government policies/laws and resources) and innovation (investments into R&D and digital start-ups), through 170 indicators.

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