Staying Ahead of the Pack on Digital Technology –

Bryan’s advice came back last Tuesday as I learnt that the Fletcher business school at Tufts University in Boston had released its Digital Evolution Index (DEI) – basically, a digital pulse of 60 developed countries.

Turns out little old Aotearoa is kicking some serious digital butt. The report identified New Zealand as one of the digital “elites” characterised by high levels of digital development and a fast rate of digital evolution.

The Fletcher school analysed 100 variables across four key drivers – supply, demand, institutions (government) and innovation. This allowed it to group the 60 countries into four groups – standouts, stall outs, break outs and watch outs.

The standouts were the best overall. And among the standouts three countries were painted as the best of the best – Singapore, United Arab Emirates and New Zealand.

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