Meet the Team

The Digital Visual Culture Team

The Digital Visual Culture Project Team was comprised of five adults and 25 third graders. The five adults are described below:

Patty Bode was the grantee and Principal Investigator. At the time of the study, Patty was Director of Art Education for Tufts University, (in affiliation with the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston). As of August 2012, she is at the Ohio State University as Visiting Associate Professor in the Department of Arts Administration, Education and Policy. Patty brought her seven years of experience as an educator of art teachers in higher education along with her 16 years of experience as a public school art teacher to collaborate with the team to re-imagine the possibilities for the role of art education and technology in the school life of our youngest children. Patty’s graduate degrees are in Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst with her EdD concentrating in Language Literacy and Culture, and an MEd concentration in Cultural Diversity and Curriculum Reform. Her BFA is in Art Education.

Pearl Emmons was the Project Manager. Pearl is Multimedia Specialist for the Department of Education at Tufts University. The Digital Visual Culture Project would not have happened without Pearl’s expertise and imaginative view of technology and third grade knowledge. She suggested and then managed software and hardware experiments, tirelessly set up equipment, taught the other researchers and gracefully served as DVC technology trouble-shooter. Her degree in filmmaking and photography with an emphasis in digital media from the Tufts/School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston shaped her creative vision and technological expertise.

Elana McDermott was the research assistant on the project. Elana brought her fresh view of digital nativity, and her MAT from the Corcoran Art Education program to provide support to third grade scholars in individual settings and small groups, assist the Principal Investigator in conceptualizing lessons, organizing materials, and rolling up her proverbial sleeves – both intellectual and physically – to take on every imaginable task. Elana is moving on to the Doctor of Philosophy program in child development offered through the Eliot-Pearson Department of Child Development. at Tufts University.

Laura Davila-Lynch was the art teacher-researcher who is a bundle of multi-talented joy and grace. Laura brought her 17 years of experience in Boston Public Schools as a visual art teacher, where for the past seven years she has also combined her technology skills to also serve as technology support teacher. The Digital Visual Culture Project relied on her open minded generosity to share her art classroom and her students with the team, and her unflappable, adventurous spirit to “try anything” in the art curriculum. Laura holds a Master of Science in Teacher Leadership from Wheelock College, and a Bachelor in Art Education from the University of Puerto Rico.

Jeffrey Timberlake was the third grade teacher-researcher. Jeff brought his passionate and energetic commitment to cultivating socially competent and academically engaged learners to the project. Fueled by his flexible, compassionate nature and drawing from his two masters degrees in education (an MA in ESL from U of Arizona and an MEd from Boston College in Curriculum and Instruction), he consistently encouraged and inspired the third grade students and the entire DVC team to reach our fullest human potential as artists, scholars, teachers and researchers.

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