Midterm #2

The second midterm will be in class on Weds April 5.  It covers from Section 4.4 through the end of Chapter 6.

Here is last year’s Midterm 2 as a practice test.

I’ll hold a review session on Sunday at 3:30pm in BP 101.  Feel free to bring any questions you might have—otherwise, we’ll go over the practice test problems.

Midterm #1

There are no classes on Monday this week– we’ll have class on Wednesday as usual, and also on Thursday, which runs on a Monday schedule.  On Wednesday right after class, we’ll have the first midterm in the open block.  Even though there is no class on Monday, I will hold a review session for this midterm Monday at 3pm in BP 101.

It covers up to what we finished in the last lecture, which is the basic introduction to the “stars and bars” technique.  So you’re responsible for Chapters 1, 2, and most of Chapter 4, but I’ll go easy on Section 4.4.

The first recommended way to study is to make sure you understand all the worksheet problems. I’ve posted solution sets to Worksheets 1-4.

If you want more practice, here is last year’s Midterm 1. I’m not going to type up solutions to this, but I will go over them on Monday.  Note: that test was a wee bit too hard, so I’ll be making this one a little gentler!