Reflection 1/10

January 10, 2017

If you want to have a long lasting impact on your host family in Brazil, buy them a scale. Even though I am enjoying every second of my time in Brazil, I am becoming increasingly insecure about my body. During my four months in Brazil, I have in total gained 9 pounds. Even though I still exercise everyday, all the pão de queijo, açai and late dinners are slowing changing my body.

In order to live a healthier life while still enjoying the food, I had a long conversation with my host sister this week and we decided to buy a scale. She has always wanted a scale as well but was hesitant to spend the money. However, after the talk, we realized that it would be a worthy investment.


And it turned out to be the BEST investment I’ve made in Brazil. My host family here doesn’t eat a lot of vegetables. We have a whole fridge for meat and half of a shelf for vegetables. For the past four months, I’ve always pushed for having something green everyday, even if it’s just sliced cucumber with salt. But ever since that little piece of glass moved into my house, life has changed for the better. Yesterday, after spending a day on the beach (which is exhausting), my host mother and I went on an 8000m walk. For dinner, we had eggplants, oysters and a salad with lettuce and bean sprouts. It really can’t get any healthier than that!

Body image has always been a rather controversial topic. To me, having a scale doesn’t necessarily mean I want a bombshell beach body (it would be nice though), it means more of  having a healthy lifestyle. Even after I am gone, the scale will stay with my host family and so will the effort to eat more vegetables and exercise!