Supporting a Loved One With Depression

Hello hello beautiful souls, Having a loved one who suffers from depression can be very difficult, because you want so much to help them and be there for him but you don’t know how.  Below are a handful of tips for being the best companion to your loved one as you can possibly be, and […]

Conquering Oral Presentation Anxiety

Hello hello fierce schoolwork slayers, Today’s topic is the dreaded oral presentation, and how to conquer it.  For the lucky few, oral presentations are just another assignment, but for many of us they are a form of cruel and unusual punishment.  The mere mention of getting up in front of the class and talking makes […]

Reducing School Stress

Hello beautiful, intelligent souls, Last week we talked about how to take care of yourself in the midst of midterm craziness – but we both know that’s easier said than done. Letting go of school-related stress is extraordinarily difficult, especially at a school with such an intense culture of academic achievement. So this week we’re […]

Self Care 101

Hello hello lovely Jumbos! As midterm season is well and truly upon us, it is super easy to get wrapped up in the seemingly endless litany of tests, papers, and those dreaded oral presentations.  And while these things are all important, and it is indeed important to work hard in school, you know what’s even […]