Happy Thanksgiving!

Good morning Jumbos! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Whether you’re eating turkey or pizza, on campus or at home, celebrating Thanksgiving or not, I hope you all have a lovely day today!  In the spirit of this holiday (this blog supports the spirit of thankfulness and family, even if not the historical context of the holiday) below are […]

Tips for Dealing with Clinical/Seasonal Depression

Hello hello fellow leaf-jumpers and cider-drinkers, Despite the 70 degree weather we had there for a bit, I think it’s safe to say that fall, and soon winter, are most definitely upon us.  One of the most tangible signs of this is the darkness that now creeps in at only 5:00pm and shrouds the campus […]

Resource Spotlight: TMSS

Hello hello radiant Jumbos, Today’s post is a tad different.  This week, I really want to highlight an amazing resource here at Tufts: Time Management & Study Strategies at the ARC.  What is it you ask? It is a coalition of grad student consultants who want to help you be the healthiest and sanest person […]

Loneliness and Making Friends in College

Hello hello lovely souls, One of the hardest things about starting college is leaving behind your friend group from high school.  These are the people you grew up with, depended on to survive high school, and threw caps into the air with at graduation.  Starting college is new, and exciting, and orientation keeps you very […]