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Today’s post is a tad different.  This week, I really want to highlight an amazing resource here at Tufts: Time Management & Study Strategies at the ARC.  What is it you ask? It is a coalition of grad student consultants who want to help you be the healthiest and sanest person you can be.  They cover three main areas: planning (time management, calendars, prioritizing, etc,) study strategies (note taking, effective studying, reading strategies, etc,) and life balance/wellbeing (eating healthy, sleeping enough, self care, etc.)

How does it work? You fill out a super easy questionnaire about what you want help with and what sort of approach you want a consultant to have.  Soft spoken and gentle? Chill and funny? Kick you in the ass direct? TMSS has them all, and based on your questionnaire, they pair you with a consultant who best fits you.  

Who can use this resource? Anyone! If you are an undergrad or grad student in the School of Arts and Sciences & Engineering, this resource is open to you. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’re struggling with, they want to be there to help.  They see people “on a whole spectrum of academic success and satisfaction,” and they are equipped to handle whatever you throw at them.  

Why is it awesome?  Number one, the consultants really care.  They get what it’s like to be a student – their students too! And they’re there to listen to you, support you, and guide you, all in a very safe space.  Best of all, they’re confidential (with the exception of mandatory reporting if you are a threat to yourself or others.)  Number two, they really focus on fostering a balance between work and life.  Juggling it all and staying sane can feel next to impossible, but they can make it a little easier.  In the wise words of Claire Weigand, the director of the program, “There is more to you than just being a student,” and the graduate consultants want to make sure every aspect of your life is working together to make you a healthy, happy person. Number three, the sessions with your graduate consultant (who you stick with the whole time you are using TMSS) are customizable and collaborative.  You get to decide what you talk about, what you get advice on, and what you choose to act on. The power is always in your hands.  

Moral of the story? Check out TMSS.  There is never any shame in asking for help.  Plus, all the peeps who work there are super cool.  

Website: TMSS

Bonus Music Pick-Me-Up courtesy of Claire Weigand

“We are all here on earth to help others; what on earth the others are here for I don’t know.” –W.H. Auden

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