Spring Break

Good morning Jumbos!

T-minus two days until Spring Break! The feeling of fewer responsibilities is in the air! Regardless of where you’re going (if it’s somewhere warm, I am super jealous) Spring Break is a great opportunity to recharge and make a little time for self care.

Number one priority – SLEEP.  I don’t know about you, but I am ridiculously excited to sleep in a normal-sized bed where I can stretch out without knocking my knees and elbows into the wall or constantly being in fear of rolling off onto the floor.  Even though my Spring Break won’t be completely devoid of work (unfortunately) and has its fair share of family obligations and doctor’s appointments (my mom always schedules a ton of them when I’m home) I’ll still have more time to sleep, for which I am grateful.

Spring Break provides other opportunities for self care as well – catching up on a favorite TV show (Grey’s Anatomy) and taking hot showers that don’t require flip flops.  Eating my mom’s home-cooking, both healthy and not.  Spending time with my brother and my dog.

Self care doesn’t have to be a chore, or a thing to schedule.  It can be simply making time to do what your body wants/needs to do at any given time.  Spring Break creates a great opportunity for that.

So, I hope all your Spring Breaks are restful and reasonably stress-free.  May you pet a cute dog, eat your favorite meal, and sleep in without the blaring sound of an alarm clock.


Note: the blog will be on hiatus next week for Spring Break.

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