Finals Checklist

Hi Jumbos! Whew….another year almost gone, and it’s kind of hard to believe.  First some administrative stuff – next week will be the last blog post of the semester (although there may still be some music posted sporadically.) Keep an eye out for the blog’s return in the fall!  I won’t get too mushy on […]

Happy Earth Day!

Good morning Jumbos!! The spring weather is finally here, and just in time for Earth Day! And what better way to brighten up your day and engage in a little self care than to spend some time outside? Fresh air and sunlight are great for your health and your mood.  Here are a few things […]

Spring Spotlight: Spring Fling Primer

Good morning Jumbos!! By now you’ve already heard about the Spring Fling lineup, and have no doubt already picked which camp you’re in – for or against.  However, some of you may not have every heard of the artists, or may not be familiar with their music.  If that’s the case, below is a selection […]

Spring Spotlight: Zucchini Brownies

Hello hello beautiful Jumbos! Despite the weird weather patterns over the past couple of weeks, it is technically spring.  And as finals past approach, one perfect way to marry self care and food (cuz who doesn’t love food) is by baking! Below is a recipe for zucchini brownies courtesy of our lovely Face Paige.  They are […]