Finals Checklist

Hi Jumbos!

Whew….another year almost gone, and it’s kind of hard to believe.  First some administrative stuff – next week will be the last blog post of the semester (although there may still be some music posted sporadically.) Keep an eye out for the blog’s return in the fall!  I won’t get too mushy on y’all but it has been a hell of a year and I am super grateful to be a member of the Tufts community.  But enough of that, let’s get down to the real meat of the post.  It’s almost finals time – that dreaded time that somehow comes around twice every year and leaves us exhausted and stressed but perhaps also a little accomplished?  Anyway, below are a few reminders to get you through this busy time.  Good luck!

1. At the risk of sounding like a broken record…SELF CARE.  This is one of the most important time of the year to keep self care in mind.  It is so so so easy to get wrapped up in work and forget to eat/sleep/shower/breathe for extended periods of time.  So please do whatever you have to (I’m a fan of reminder sticky notes) to keep these things in the back of your mind and prioritize your own mental and physical health.  If you have the time and energy to really go wild, take the extra step and get out in the fresh air, get a little exercise, make time for a movie night, etc.

2. YOUR SELF WORTH IS NOT DEFINED BY YOUR GRADES.  I apologize for shouting/aggressively caps-locking but this one is really important guys.  I know right now most of your brains, and mine as well, are trapped in a haze of to-do lists and deadlines and panic over performance.  But please let this be a reminder that at the end of the day a letter on SIS or a number scribbled on the top of an essay can not even begin to encompass how incredible and magnificent each and every one of you are.  You are so much more than GPA’s and class ranks and those god-forsaken check/check +/check -‘s.  You are strong and brilliant and loved and so much more.

3. “Grades don’t measure anything other than your relevant obedience to a manager.” — John Taylor Gatto

4. Treat. yo. self.

5. Lat but not least, take some time and space to enjoy the warmer weather, have fun at spring fling, and laugh it up with your friends before the semester is over.  In a month or a year those are the moments you’ll remember and cherish more than an essay you stayed up til 2am to write.


“I don’t believe the most successful people are the ones who got the best grades, got into the best schools, or made the most money.” –Ben Stein

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