Welcome new and old Jumbos!

Hi everyone, my name is a secret and I’m from the internet, my major is Blog Posting and my fun fact is I’m an Ear!

You’ll probably be saying some version of that sentence a lot these next few weeks, so I figured I would start with it as well. As you MAY have noticed, though, my answers are ~invisible~ (wink wink), because I’m an Ear and you aren’t supposed to know who I am. What is an Ear, you say? Well, let me explain!

Ears for Peers (or “E4P,” or “Ears,” or “the coolest thing on earth”) is an anonymous, student-run support helpline that ANY Tufts student can call (617-627-3888), text (617-394-1954), or AIM (tuftse4p) us from the hours of 7PM-7AM any and every night during the school year (unless we tell you otherwise). You can contact us to talk about literally anything, and our trained, anonymous student volunteers (also called “Ears”) will answer. We won’t know who you are, you won’t know who we are, and we are only there to listen, help, support, and offer other resources if you want additional help. We will never judge or assume anything about you, and we always try our hardest to be a safe space for any kind of student. Lastly, we are an absolutely free service. You don’t have to give us any kind of payment—unless you want to give us a like on Facebook (shameless self-promo). 

Want to get involved with Ears for Peers? Send us an email at ears4peers@gmail.com and we’ll direct you to our application. Being an ear is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done, and I highly recommend applying if you’re interested.

Now that you know what we are, feel free to call, text, or IM us any time. Whether you’re having orientation issues, struggling with a class, going through a breakup, dealing with mental health issues, or being chased by a dragon—we’re here. And we’d love to hear from you. 

Now, go do that thing that you’re procrastinating. You got this! 

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