Starting a Convo with Ears

Hi Jumbos! We know how hard it is to start talking to new people so we totally recognize that starting a conversation with Ears is tough. To help alleviate some stress, we thought it would be a good idea to have a post demystifying the experience of talking with us.
Starting off, Tufts students have the option of calling or texting us between the hours of 7pm and 7am every day (Yup school nights and weekend nights but not winter break, spring break, or summer).
Calling us is simple, just dial (617) 627-3888. We will pick up and probably say, “Hi, this is ears for peers” or “Hi, how are you doing”. At this point, the conversation begins and the caller, you, can talk about whatever you want to. We may ask a few clarifying questions and if you know what you want to talk about and start talking, we will be happy to listen. If you don’t really know what you want to talk about or you can’t find a place to begin, do not worry about it! We’ll start off by asking you some questions about your day and we will just ease into the conversation. So whether you know exactly what to say or whether you don’t know where to begin, please call! We are happy to talk to everyone and we know how to listen!
For texting us, the process is a little different. We need people to text us from fake numbers to preserve the anonymity of the line. We recommend using the free service, text-free. Upon opening an account,you get assigned a random number and can use that to text us. When you do text us, you’ll get an automatic reply saying something along the lines of, “get a text-free acount to keep this convo private”. If you already made an account, you are golden; we apologize for the automatic reply for those who already have accounts, it goes out to everyone. Anyhoo, with that out of the way, the conversation can proceed just like a phone convo would, just over text. If you know what you want to say, say all that you want too! If you are not sure why you called, we can just start off with little questions and start a conversation together!
We can not wait to talk to y’all!