New Texting Service

Dear Blog,

Today is the 8th of April and Ears has big awesome news that will put a shine to this gross and rainy Monday. On this day, we have deployed our new texting service! We are ditching our old texting number and replacing it with our very own website. It took lots of teamwork between us and Jumbocode and we hope that you find it as amazing as we do. We looked over our old texting service, found all the parts we liked and synthesized them into our new site. We are now accessible for messaging through this link: .

So, just a quick walk through of the new service. It’s available online so you can message us from a laptop, a phone or any other internet connected device. Opening the link will bring you to a page that will either say “connect to an ear” or that the service is unavailable. The service is unavailable probably means that we aren’t open yet; Ears is open 7pm-7am every night except for certain holidays which are noted on our fb page. If the line is open, the connect to an ear option will take you to a loading screen and then the conversation can begin. The texting basically mimics apple texting and we tried to make the aesthetic as good as possible. One important thing about using it on a phone is that switching apps will mute the conversation so you’ll only receive notifications when you have the web page open. For this reason, we sorta recommend using laptops but understand if phones are easier.

We hope you all enjoy this new service! We strive to make Ears the best anonymous, judgement free helpline it can be and this switch is well in line with our goals. Please try this new service and, if you have any feedback, let us know through one of the feedback forms on this site or on the texting site itself.

Have a wonderful day everyone!