What is a Face?

The anonymous and confidential nature of Ears for Peers necessitates that information about our members be kept private. However, we have five members, called “Faces,” whose role is to be the public face of Ears, and therefore they do not take calls on the line. You may have seen them tabling at Dewick or Carm, or representing Ears at on-campus events.  If you have questions about Ears for Peers, please don’t hesitate to approach them.


2018-2019 Faces
Heather Mei

Heather is a senior majoring in physics. She is on the board of Society of Physics Students and is a member of Chi Omega. She has been a member of Ears for Peers since freshman fall, and is so excited to be a face and tell everyone about Ears! You can contact her at heather.mei@tufts.edu.


Mackenzie Parmenter
Mackenzie is a junior majoring in biology and is super excited to be able to advocate for Ears this year! Outside of Ears she is involved with the Women’s Swim Team, ARC tutoring and Laidlaw Scholars! Feel free to contact her at Mackenzie.Parmenter@tufts.edu