What is a Face?

The anonymous and confidential nature of Ears for Peers necessitates that information about our members be kept private. However, we have two members, called “Faces,” whose role is to be the public face of Ears, and therefore they do not take calls on the line. You may have seen them tabling at Dewick or Carm, or representing Ears at on-campus events.  If you have questions about Ears for Peers, please don’t hesitate to approach them.

2019-2020 Faces
Sara Kimble

Sara  is a senior studying clinical psychology. She is currently working part-time at McLean Psychiatric Hospital and is passionate about reducing mental health stigma and increasing mental health care accessibility. In addition to Ears for Peers, Sara does musical theatre with Torn Ticket II. You can reach her at Sara.kimble@tufts.edu.

Logan Zhang

Logan is a senior studying psychology, and has previously served as co-coordinator for Ears for Peers. He works as a volunteer for Crisis Text Line, and has experience with suicide and crisis intervention. Outside of Ears for Peers, he is a pre-dental student who loves to play Super Smash Bros! You can reach him at Logan.Zhang@tufts.edu