Spring Spotlight: Spring Fling Primer

Good morning Jumbos!! By now you’ve already heard about the Spring Fling lineup, and have no doubt already picked which camp you’re in – for or against.  However, some of you may not have every heard of the artists, or may not be familiar with their music.  If that’s the case, below is a selection […]

Spring Spotlight: Zucchini Brownies

Hello hello beautiful Jumbos! Despite the weird weather patterns over the past couple of weeks, it is technically spring.  And as finals past approach, one perfect way to marry self care and food (cuz who doesn’t love food) is by baking! Below is a recipe for zucchini brownies courtesy of our lovely Face Paige.  They are […]

Spring Spotlight: Middlesex Fells

Good morning Jumbos! I hope you are all readjusting to the grind of the semester – I don’t know about you but my brain is definitely still on Spring Break.  The bright side is that the weeks until summer vacation are slowly but surely counting down and the weather is getting nicer out. If you […]

Spring Break

Good morning Jumbos! T-minus two days until Spring Break! The feeling of fewer responsibilities is in the air! Regardless of where you’re going (if it’s somewhere warm, I am super jealous) Spring Break is a great opportunity to recharge and make a little time for self care. Number one priority – SLEEP.  I don’t know […]

Imposter Syndrome

Good morning sun-bathing Jumbos! I hope the beautiful warm weather yesterday put everyone in a good mood and helped alleviate some of the midterm-related stress.  There is nothing like the feeling of warm sunlight on your skin after a long winter to remind you that the world is still a beautiful place – even when […]