Family & the Holidays

Good morning Jumbos! I hope this not-at-all-wintery winter day finds you all well and reasonably sane during this hectic finals period.  Winter Break is fast approaching (and has already begun for some of us) and while many of us are excited for sleep, good food, and a chance to spend time with family, for others […]

Books About Mental Health

Good morning beautiful souls, Finals, otherwise known as the collective zombification of campus, have officially arrived.  And with that comes several sleep-deprived, caffeine-fueled weeks where the need to get work done sometimes means putting mental health on the backburner. Below are a handful of reviews on books related to mental health and mental illness – […]

Tips for Dealing with Clinical/Seasonal Depression

Hello hello fellow leaf-jumpers and cider-drinkers, Despite the 70 degree weather we had there for a bit, I think it’s safe to say that fall, and soon winter, are most definitely upon us.  One of the most tangible signs of this is the darkness that now creeps in at only 5:00pm and shrouds the campus […]

Supporting a Loved One With Depression

Hello hello beautiful souls, Having a loved one who suffers from depression can be very difficult, because you want so much to help them and be there for him but you don’t know how.  Below are a handful of tips for being the best companion to your loved one as you can possibly be, and […]