Spring Spotlight: Spring Fling Primer

Good morning Jumbos!! By now you’ve already heard about the Spring Fling lineup, and have no doubt already picked which camp you’re in – for or against.  However, some of you may not have every heard of the artists, or may not be familiar with their music.  If that’s the case, below is a selection […]

Music to De-Stress

Good afternoon radiant Jumbos! I hope you are all having a lovely, restful break! As we all gear up for the coming semester, we may be mentally preparing ourselves for the stress, long nights, and junk food binges.  One of the things that helps me de-stress is music.  Whether it’s to calm you down or […]

Movies and Music for Coping with a Break-Up

*Robin Williams voice* Gooooodddd mooorrrnnning Jumbooosss! Today’s topic is break-ups (I apologize for jumping right in.) For those of us who’ve experienced a break-up (from either end) we know they are, at best, not pleasant, and at worst, gut-wrenchingly painful.  So how do we cope?  Well, there’s the usual advice – don’t text them, go […]