Poop in the Sandpit

By Zhou Jiang and Ting Zhang, translated by Qin Shu. Illustration by Ellen Dubreuil | 02.27.2022
Children in urban kindergartens lack opportunities to get close to nature. But with help from teachers, getting close to nature can still happen – as the following story illustrates.  The story is about a kindergarten in the West Lake District, Hangzhou City, where poop in the sandpit inspired a class of 4–5-year-old children to explore their relationship with a cat.  Read more...

The Children's Corner

Into the Woods: Review of “The Hike”

Review by Leah Harrigan, book written and illustrated by Alison Farrell | 02.27.2022
There’s something extraordinary that happens when a child steps out into the natural world, the possibility of exploration ahead of her. With each overturned leaf and puzzling new sight, there’s a momentum that propels curiosity forward. The Hike by Alison Farrell is an outdoor adventure story that follows three curious, brave young female explorers who set out for a hike that takes them wherever the trail leads. Bounding together up the mountain path, Wren, El, Hattie, and their dog Bean demonstrate some of the most valuable parts of time spent in the local woods: observing, inquiring, and pondering the wondrous things around them. Read more...

The Chef's Special Dough

Poem by W. George Scarlett | 01.27.2022

We are Fungi Book Review: A Hidden World Awaits

Review by Leah Harrigan | 12.05.2021

Augario's Adventures in Evaporating Featured Image

Free eBook- Augario’s Adventures in Evaporating

By Allison Choi, illustrations by Kirsten Malsam | 10.17.2021

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