Saving Your Work Online (in the cloud)!

Earlier this week, we encountered an electrical outage with some of the desktop computers in Eaton Lab. This resulted in some students losing their work as they were working locally and the machines did not save their work to other devices. And as the room machines are programmed to reboot in a clean format that leaves nothing from previous working sessions on them, the students were unable to recover their work.

Working and saving in the cloud

Of course the electrical issues with the lab are being corrected as we speak. However, it brings to light changes in behavior that can enable working smarter and avoiding things like this.

When working on a public machine, it is always advisable to save your work in the cloud where possible. What exactly do we mean by this?

  • If using software that is only available locally on a lab computer, make sure to save periodically to another device or to cloud storage.
  • Use online applications such as Box and Office 365. These tools allow you to open Microsoft applications such as Word, Powerpoint, Excel and others online and save directly to Box online storage.

Some simple changes in work behavior can mitigate the possibility of losing your work and time spent to recreate it later!

If you want to learn more about IT tools at Tufts or find out when the next Tools@Tufts class is scheduled, see the TTS website.

Nov 9 (Wed) 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. – Tools @ Tufts!

Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 2.15.36 PM

Are you aware of the myriad technical tools available to you as a member of the Tufts community? Do you know where to find them?  This demonstration is designed to show you to what tools and resources that are available at Tufts, which can be used on a mobile device, and where you can go to learn how to use them.

Check out the full schedule of events at Eaton Lab here.

WinnerCongratulations to the GRAND PRIZE winners of the Online Cyber Security Awareness Scavenger Hunt! We had over 1,500 people participate in the survey from across all of our campuses! We are now all a little more #CyberAware!

  • 1st Prize: Playstation 4 and FIFA Soccer Game – Claire Willey (Grafton)
  • 2nd Prize: $200 Amazon Gift Card – Rick Heckbert (Medford)
  • 3rd Prize: Amazon Echo Dot – Casey Owen (Medford)

Eaton Lab: Closed for 2 days – Oct 21 – 22!

Screen Shot 2016-10-14 at 12.02.39 PMEaton Lab will be closed on Friday, October 21 and Saturday, October 22 to install new furniture and complete the final phase of the computer lab refresh. The lab will reopen on Sunday, October 23.

Need IT walk-up help services for computer support or repair or use of lab computers during these 2 days? Please use the Mark Computer Lab in the basement of Tisch Library.

Eaton Lab – Open House – October 31

Eaton Trick or TreatCome TRICK OR TREAT at Eaton Lab on Halloween!

The Tufts community is invited to come to Eaton Lab on October 31 from 1:00-3:00 p.m. for an Open House!

Come check out the newly renovated space complete with new furniture, computing equipment and a genius bar! There will be plenty of treats for you to enjoy while visiting, you can learn about how to be CyberAware, as well as talk to IT staff on hand to answer any questions you might have. We encourage you to give feedback on the space to help us guide the direction of future improvements.

We look forward to seeing many of you there!

Eaton Lab to Reopen 8/31

Genius BarAs the start of the semester begins and students return to campus, Eaton Lab will reopen with a new, fresh look and feel. Not only has the lab been refreshed with new paint and carpet but over the next two months it will be outfitted with new furniture*. The “traditional” computer lab area will be outfitted with new furniture as well as all new Apple iMac and Dell Precision Workstation computers to increase performance. The other side of the room provides more flexibility for laptop usage and a variety of collaboration spaces. And in the center of the lab, the “Genius Bar” provides for an inviting walk-up technology support experience.

NOTE: The lab will be hosting placement testing and other training from 8/31-9/3 and open officially to everyone on Sunday, 9/3.

Watch the lab come to life

August 31

  • The room has been painted and the carpet replaced.
  • The “genius bar” for walk-up support will be installed
  • Three collaboration tables will be in place.
  • The “traditional” computer lab area will be set up with interim tables and chairs.
  • Brand new Apple iMac and Dell Precision Workstation computers

October 21

  • The flexible work space area of the room takes shape with new layout
  • Banquettes
  • Bar Tables and stools
  • Comfy seats

It is exciting to see this new unique and effective working environment for students and faculty come to life!

Stay tuned for an Open House invitation for the end of October!

View floor plan and images of the new furniture.

* NOTE: Furniture delivery was delayed due to manufacturer schedules.

IT Walk-up Help Desk Relocated for the Summer

Need IT walk-up help services for computer support or repair or use of lab computers during the summer while Eaton Hall Computer Lab is under renovations?

During the renovations these services have been moved to the following locations:

  • The IT Walk-up Desk | Mugar Hall, Room #M115B | Monday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm (only through 8/15)
  • Tisch Library has a number of computers available for use

Eaton Lab Refresh – Planned for Summer 2016

Beginning after Commencement on May 22, Eaton Computer Lab will be getting a makeover!

The refresh of the lab emerged from Tufts Technology Services (TTS) programmatic efforts to engage with others at the university to think about how we might synthesize the best of digital and physical to inspire and support creative discovery.

The Vision

The vision for this space focused on providing a delightful and engaging environment for students and faculty by:

  • Refreshing the environment with modern furnishings
  • Providing a welcoming, dynamic physical space that offers access to expertise and provides a focal point for exploring and engaging with new technologies in a community setting
  • Reflecting students’ evolving educational and learning needs with a flexible space supporting a blend of independent and collaborative study

Implementing the Vision

When you return in the fall you will see:

  • A zoned, multi-use space that retains the best features of Eaton today and introduces some new elements that will fulfill the promise of providing a place that meets the demands of a contemporary university; This will include reducing the number of fixed computers (while retaining the number of seats) and creating areas for laptop use and collaboration spaces with large monitors, whiteboards and mobile furniture that is easily configurable to accommodate different size groups/activities.
  • A fresh look and feel to the space, including new carpeting and fresh paint as well as a collaboration section with modern furniture and chairs.
  • An open space with more natural light and a view of the academic quad (which were previously blocked by cubicle partitions)
  • A new “genius bar” type IT support approach for software and computer support. Providing a more accessible and user-friendly atmosphere where you will not only be able to access technology but also learn how to use it through touching and demonstrations of tools and services such as Box, WebEx, TuftsProjects, etc.

For more information and background on this initiative, see the createTufts section of this website. If you have feedback/suggestions on the Eaton Lab Refresh or questions, please complete the Feedback form.