House Manager/Childcare

I am looking to hire someone who would be available starting January 3rd. Hours would be 1pm-5:30/6pm M-TH The job would include 1 hr/day of house chores including but not limited too, Kitchen clean up, dinner prep, general tidiness including vacuuming and mopping (all supplies are provided), Pick up of our 3.5 year old from preschool at 2:30pm in Union square and getting them home to Winter Hill. Feeding snacks, provided by the family and playing with them until 6pm. The position may also include a pick up of our 7 year old from school in East Somerville around 5/5:30 and bringing them to Winter Hill home as well. Driving is not required, but reliable transportation and ability to be on time is. Pay would start at $25/hr ~ $100/day. 
An ideal candidate would be someone who is available and willing to be with us for 2 years and can engage our kids with reading, activities and monitor park play time as needed. Ability to drive and has a car is a plus, but not a deal breaker.   They must be fully COVID vaccinated as we have been very COVID conscious for the last 18 months and continue to do so until our kids are eligible for vaccines. This person would be flexible and open to additional hours as well as provide care for one or two kids on potential school vacation days or holidays at a holiday pay rate. (Holidays included, but not limited to, veterans day, Indigenous people day, presidents day, MLK.). 
If interested, please contact Sarah Feller at 904-254-6727 or