Discovery Public Profile

What is Discovery?

The Discovery site is home to publicly-viewable profiles for Tufts faculty. Information from Elements profiles is automatically fed into Discovery public profiles. No extra work is required!

To find public profiles on Discovery, go to and search by a faculty member’s name or keywords related to their work.

A screenshot of the Discovery landing page.

Editing your Discovery profile

Managing your Discovery profile is easy. Simply go to and make edits to your Elements profile. Changes that are made to your Elements profile will automatically show up in your Discovery public profile!

To begin editing your Elements profile:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click the Go to your profile button, located underneath your profile picture.
  3. Add/remove/edit items in your Elements profile as necessary.
Managing profile privacy/visibility

In addition to adding/removing/editing items in your Elements profile, you can also determine if and how those items show up in your Discovery public profile.

  • Hide your Discovery public profile by setting your Elements profile privacy level to Internal. (Note: Although your Discovery public profile will no longer be visible, your Elements profile will still be visible to other Tufts faculty.)
  • Hide a field from the About section of your profile by setting its privacy level to Private.
Setting a field in the About section of the profile to Private.
  • Hide an item listed in the Publications, Grants, or Professional/Teaching Activities sections of your profile by marking it as Invisible.
Marking items as favorites

It is possible to call attention to important items in your profile by marking them as Favorites.

Items that are marked as favorite are labeled as “Featured” and moved to the top of their respective sections in your Discovery public profile.