The Components of Elements

You can download an Elements User Guide for Tufts.

The key components of Elements are summarized below.  Please visit the sub-sections under “Training and Support” for more information about each section.

This document lists all the types and sub-types available in Elements.

The profile module allows faculty members to provide certain identifying information, such as name and contact information, such as an overview statement, academic appointments, non-academic employment, education, language competency, personal websites.  We are currently populating the these fields from Tufts systems: Tufts appointments, office address, email, and work number.

The Teaching Activities module allows faculty members to add various teaching related activities, such as courses taught and courses developed. The module is populated with about 10 years of “courses taught” data from Tufts’ Student Information Systems (SIS).

The Grants module is populated with about 10 years of grants awards data from Tuft’s Kuali Coeus (KC) system, under the Research Administration Group.

The Professional Activities module allows faculty members to input a number of their professional activities.  These can include memberships, service activities, awards and honors, patents, consulting and other activities. This data is not captured in Tufts system and will need to be manually entered in your profile.

The Publications module is automatically harvested by the Elements system. The harvester searches external sources for which Tufts has publication access to and returns publications that might be associated with you based on your search settings and your identifiers. You can review, accept or reject publications. If a publication is not harvested, you can add your publications manually or import your publications.

The Assessment Module is used for the Faculty Annual Reporting process.  An “exercise” form will be created in collaboration with the school. faculty member will complete the form, add supporting information, and submit the form to their department chair for review.