Creating Links Between Items

What is a link?

A link in Elements is simply a way of connecting an item to a profile or connecting one item to another item that it is related to.

When you add a new item (eg. publication, grant, etc.) to your profile, a link is automatically created between that item and yourself as the user. For example, a fake publication titled “A History of Magic” is shown below. Under the Links tab for that item, there is a link to the author, Albus Dumbledore.

Link to author

You also have the option to link yourself to an item that is already in the Elements system, but not a part of your profile yet. This is useful if you have collaborated on something with another faculty member and they have already created an item related to that collaboration in their profile. By linking yourself to that item, it also becomes a part of your profile.

In addition, Elements allows you to create links between two or more items that are already in your profile. This allows you to show the relationships between items. For example, you may want to show that a particular publication of yours was funded by one of the grants you were awarded.

Creating a link to an item that is already in Elements

Faculty members often collaborate on publications, grants, teaching activities, and professional activities. When this happens, one person can create a record of that collaboration in Elements and other faculty members can simply link to it. Creating that link will add it to their profiles.

1. Log into Elements ( and go to your profile.

Go to your profile

2. Click on View all links on the right-hand side of the page.

View all links

3. Click on the Create links button. A dropdown menu will appear.

Create links

4. Select the type of item that you would like to create a link to (publication, grant, etc.).

5. In the Link type dropdown menu, choose the nature of your link to the item. In this example, we are creating a link to a publication and specifying that we are an author of that paper.

6. In the Search text box, enter search terms that will identify the item you want to link to.

7. Click the Search button.

Search for an item

8. Click on the box to the left of the item that you would like to create the link to.

Select item to link

9. Click on the Save button at the bottom of the page. The item will now be linked to your profile.

Creating a link between items in your profile

When creating links between items in this way, the items must already exist in your profile. If they don’t, you have to create the items first before you can link them. In the example below, we are going to link an existing publication to an existing grant.

1. Find one of the items that you would like to create the link for. Since we are going to create a link from a publication to a grant, we can find the publication first.

2. Click on the Links tab for that item.

3. Click on the Create links button.

Links tab

4. Select the type of item that you would like to link to in the dropdown menu. In this case, we want to link a publication to a grant, so we will select Grant.

Links dropdown

5. A new page will load. On the left, you will see the item that you are generating the link for. On the right, you will see items that you can link to based on what was selected in the previous step. In this case, Elements is showing us grants that we can link the publication to.

6. Select the item(s) on the right that you would like to link to.

Select an item to link

7. As you select items to link, a summary box will be generated below.

8. When you are done, click the Create new link(s) button.

Create links button

Returning to the record for the original item will now show the new link we have created, which we can edit or delete if we wish.

Edit link