On the Assessment Management page, the Assessment Manager can manage multiple users…

…or select an individual user via the Select user instead link.

Managing Users

Use the Select all button to manage the actions of groups of users all at once. For example the Assessment Manager could shift an entire group to the “Prepare nominations.” stage with the click of a link.

User Done? column indicates whether the author has begun the exercise (Needs attention) or completed it, in which case a dash appears.

Locked? is used to lock or unlock the author’s exercise. The options are Locked, Unlocked, or a blank, which means the exercise has not been started.

  • If the review process is unfinished, a red triangle with an exclamation point (!) will appear under the Status column. The likely cause for a review being incomplete is that there are no attachments. An empty circle indicates the review process has not started. The letter “i” in a box means the outputs need attention.

Paperclip icon shows whether the exercise has attachments and the number underneath indicates how many. Attachments cannot be printed out from this menu. The Assessment Manager will have to go into the individual author’s exercise and download from there.

Stage indicates which stage the exercise is in: Draft, Department Chair Review (this varies based on how the stages are set up for a school’s assessment).  A blank means the exercise has not been started.

Rs is the number of reviewers who have been defined for a stage. Clicking the number will show the reviewers’ names, the status of the review, and the date of the most recent update.

Actions gives the Assessment Manager the ability to progress the exercise in a variety of ways. The “Move to” dropdown will move the exercise to a new stage. Clicking the “Trashcan” icon will delete the exercise. The “Export” icon will present the option to print a summary of all the information entered to date in PDF or Word format.

Clicking the Export button at the top of the page will generate a CSV report showing the dates, status, lock value and review stage for each response to an exercise definition.


The filters on the right side of the page give the Assessment Manager the option to filter authors by Exercise phase and Exercise status.