Faculty Activity Report Form (For Faculty Members)

What is an FAR?

A Faculty Activity Report (FAR) form is a comprehensive summary of a faculty member’s activities and accomplishments from the previous year. Once complete, it is submitted to their supervisor for review. The form is confidential and can only be edited/viewed by the faculty member and their supervisor.

How does the FAR work in Elements?

Each form contains several sections, with the number of sections and content varying on a school-by-school basis. To fill out the form, faculty members complete each section by providing supporting information and linking items from their profile (publications, grants, etc.).

It is important to keep in mind that an item must already be located in a faculty member’s profile before it can be linked to their FAR.

To see a demonstration of the FAR process, watch the Faculty Activity Reporting video. The information contained in the video is also described below.


Note: If you are a member of the Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, the activity reporting workflow is a little different than what is outlined below. For directions, please go here.

Locating your FAR

If your school has identified you as someone who needs to complete the activity review form, it will appear as an item in the My Actions section of the home page once the review period has started. Click on Start to begin.

Start FAR button

You can also access your activity form by clicking on the Menu tab and looking under the Build menu. Click on the name of the form to begin.

FAR link in Menu

Completing your FAR

Each activity report form will differ depending on the school. However, they can all be navigated and completed in the same way. The School of Engineering FAR is shown below as an example. Keep in mind that yours may look different.

Your activity report form will look similar to the one shown below. Guidance text is located in a blue box at the top of the page. Each section of the form is located in a different block, with a summary of the sections located in a navigation menu to the right.

As you work, save your changes to each section as you go!

FAR layout

Click on the title of a section to edit it.

Example FAR section

Within each section, you may be asked to answer some questions (Add supporting information), provide evidence from your profile (Select items), or both.

Supporting info and Select items

Adding supporting information to a section

1. Click on the Add supporting information button for that section.

2. Use the text boxes to answer the questions provided. For some questions, more guidance text is provided by moving your mouse over the ? icon.

3. Click Save and exit when you are done.

Example supporting info page

Adding items from your profile to a section

1. Click on the Select items button for that section.

2. Elements will give you a list of all of the items from your profile that can be linked to this section.

NOTE: Items will only show up for selection if they are already a part of your profile and they fall within the date range of this year’s activity form. Also, they must belong to one of the “Allowed types” for that particular section. For this reason, it is important that when you add items to your profile you label them as the correct type based on the What Goes Where guide!

3. To add an item to this section of the activity form, click on the Select button. (If an item is added incorrectly, you can click on Unselect.)

Example select items page

If you have a large number of items available within a particular section, you can use the filters on the right to narrow them down.

Reviewing and submitting your FAR

When all of the sections of your activity form are complete, you will want to review it. This should be done before you submit your form. Once a form it submitted, you can no longer edit it unless your supervisor moves it back to the draft stage.

NOTE: The PDF version of your review form will contain extra information that is not viewable in your profile because it is considered private. For example, the monetary value of a grant will not be viewable in your profile, but will be included in the PDF version of your review form and will be viewable by your supervisor during the review process.

1. Go to your activity review form.

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the Summary window on the right.

3. Click on Export to Word or PDF.

Export or Move to Review

4. Click Download as PDF. A PDF version of your review form will be generated.

5. Save the file.

6. Open the PDF version of your review form. Review the form. If there are any errors or missing items, go back to the form and make corrections. Save an updated version of the PDF after making corrections to the form.

7. When you are sure your activity form is complete, click on Move to “Supervisor Review” in the Summary window of the activity review form.