Reviewer Workflow

Note: If you are a member of the Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, the reviewer workflow is a little different than what is outlined below. For directions, please go here.

This section is intended for those individuals who have been designated as “reviewers” of the Faculty Activity Reporting review (i.e. department chairs, supervisors).  

Accessing Reviews as a Reviewer: 

If you are a reviewer and a form has been submitted to you for review, you will see an action item in your dashboard.

You can also access the review process by clicking on Menu ->Review -> “Review Process”.  

FAR Assessment Summary View

In the review process view, you will see a list of users who you are a reviewer for. 

  • A list of faculty members whose FAR forms need to be reviewed will appear.  This is NOT a comprehensive list of all your reveiwees!  This list only captures faculty who have started or submitted their FAR process in the system. 
  • You cannot view an exercise that is still in “Draft” status.
  • You will only see “Start Review” button only after a faculty member submitted his/her form for review.


Understanding the Review Workflow

When you start a review, you will see a “Review To-Do List“.

Review the guidance text, as the review workflow may differ by school.  For example, some schools have enabled the functionality to allow the supervisor to provide a review comment.

1. Start by clicking on the “Export to Word or PDF” to export the assessment (see #1).

  • As a reviewer, always review from the export report as the file may include data not displayed in the system .  This include sensitive data such as course or instructor evaluation scores or grants proposal data.

2.  When you are done reviewing of the FAR form, you can “Mark as Done” (see #3).

  • This removes the user’s assessment from your “reviewer” summary list.

3.  If you need to send the form back to faculty member, you can move the assessment back to draft status (see #4).

  • Note:  Faculty member would not be notified when you move the form back to draft status.  Please contact him/her with the reason for sending the form back to them.  If they login to their account, they would see the form back on their dashboard.
What happens when you complete a review?

When you mark a review as “done”, the user’s assessment will no longer appear in your  list.

Note: By default, the “reviewer status” is set to “Needs attention”.

If you need to see completed reviews, filter “reviewer status” to “All reviews”.  You can then access/download the completed report, as needed.