Grants Record We Pull from RAS:

The grants data is pulled in from the Research Administration Group (RAS) system.  RAS went “live” only in Jul 2016. As a result, not all grants may in be RAS (especially records prior to that date) and/or not all grants records  may be comprehensive.

In particular, we know that the following types of grants are not in RAS:

  • Tufts Innovates and Tufts Collaborates are not logged in RAS.  Note: Tufts Collaborates proposals are tracked starting with the 2019 submission. 
  • School internal funds are not logged in RAS
  • Cost share is a commitment to sponsor but funded by a DeptID.  These grants records are not included in RAS.

If your grant is not in your profile, you can easily add a new grant/award in Elements to your profile:  Please visit to How to Manually Enter a Grant Record in Elements page.

If you need to update your role/relationship for a grants/award in Elements:  Please visit How to Change/Update Your Relationship to a Grant Record page.


Grant Amount:

Note that due to the sensitive nature of the data, the grant amount is not displayed in the grants record in Elements. Depending on the school’s needs, we would include it in the Faculty Activity Reporting process. 

If you find that your profile does not display the grants record you’d like to include, you can add a new grants record manually.

Grants Proposal:

Due to the confidential and proprietary nature of a grants proposal, grants proposal records are not mapped into Elements.  During the activity reporting period, we would map the proposal data to the Faculty Activity Review form report if a school asked for that data as part of the review process.  (This varies based on school).



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