Professional Activities

If have any questions about how a professional activity should be categorized, refer to the What Goes Where Guide.

The document provides some direction should you need help classifying a particular activity. This document is relevant for any information you will be entering in Elements, but specifically helpful when determining the appropriate type of Professional Activity being entered.

How to Input a Professional Activity to Elements

1. From the top section of the screen select the ‘Menu’ tab, and then choose ‘Professional Activities’. 

2. Click ‘Add a new professional activity’ from the top right.  This will display a dropdown list of all the activity types. Again, refer to the “What Goes Where Guide” for guidance on which category to input your activities.

3.  For example, to add a new award, select ‘Add a new distinction/award’ and a new screen will display.

  •  Choose ‘Leadership’ from the Distinction/Award type dropdown.
  •  Give the award a name.
  •  The only other mandatory field is the effective date field. Make every effort to fill out as many fields as possible.
  • Click ‘Save’

The Award/Distinction has been added. Now the ability to add labels, add a note, or create a link between the professional activity and a Publication, Grant, Teaching Activity, or an additional Professional Activity, are all available.

4.  Click ‘Return to the professional activities page’ at the top of the page.