Delegating Access in Elements

You can delegate another user to make modifications for you by using Delegate feature in Elements.   The delegate would have access to modify your profile, including being able to modify your search settings, approve or reject publications, merge or split records, add manual records, create links between publications and other data types.

To elect a delegate:

  1. Click on Menu -> My Account -> “Account Settings” -> Manage delegates.

2. Start by typing the name under the ‘Add delegate’ name field and a drop-down menu will display users in the system that matching the name. Click on the name you want to add as a delegate, and then click on ‘Add delegate’ button to add the user.

You should see the name of the selected delegate in the bottom section of the page.

Once the delegate access has been granted, the delegate then will be able to “impersonate” you to make changes to your profile by going to Menu -> Account Setting -> Impersonate.