Privacy Settings


You have the option of managing the privacy of not only your profile as a whole, but also individual sections of the profile. When adjusting privacy settings, keep the following privacy level descriptions in mind. Profiles can be set to Public or Internal, while profile sections can be Public, Internal, or Private.

Can be shared publicly, including on external systems.

Only viewable to other Elements users at Tufts.

Only viewable in edit mode to you, your delegates, and administrators.

Profile data within the publications, professional and teaching activities, and grants sections are managed differently. Items in these sections can be hidden on an individual basis if desired.

Managing Your Profile’s Privacy Level

1. Log into your Elements profile at

2. Click on Go to your profile. This will bring you to your profile in edit mode.

3. In the privacy level box located under your name, select Internal or Public. Your change will be saved automatically.

Profile privacy option

Managing a Profile Section’s Privacy Level

1. While in edit mode, scroll down to the section that you’d like to manage.

2. Click on the Edit button.

Edit language competency

3. At the bottom of the edit box, find the Privacy dropdown menu.

4. Select one of the following:

  • Match profile level (default) – Selecting this makes the section’s privacy setting Public or Internal, depending on the privacy level of your profile.
  • Private – Changes the section’s privacy setting to private.

5. Click Save when you are done.

Managing Individual Items

Data in the publications, activities, and grants sections can be hidden on an item-by-item basis.

1. Find the item that you’d like to manage.

2. Click on the Visibility button to toggle between visible and hidden.

Item visibility button

In edit mode, items that have been made “invisible” will be appear as shown below. They will not be visible to you or other users when looking at your profile in view mode.

Invisible profile item