How to Import Publications to Elements

If you have external publication sources, such as Google Scholar account, you can import your publications into Elements.

The imported publications are checked against the publications that are already in Elements.

In the external source, such as Google Scholar,

  • Select the desired citations
  • Click on the Export option. Elements allows you to import in  RefMan or BibTeX format.
  • When you export from Google Scholar, select the RefMan or BibTeX format (Note: EndNote .enw is not a supported file format).
    • BibTeX:  opens the selected content in a new browser.  File -> “Save Page As” and save it as a .txt file.
    • Reference Manger: .ris format
To import into Elements:
  1.  Go to Menu -> Publications -> Import
  2.  Upload the file you downloaded from Google Scholar and choose the right file type for import.
  3.  Click Upload


If the publications in the import file do not match existing publications:

You can import them as new records into the system.  Once imported, these records will appear as “claimed” manual records in the system.


If there are publications that match the existing records in the system:

The system will de-duplicate the records and present you with 3 options.

  1. Import it as a new record
  2. Overwrite the existing record
  3. Not to import the record.

By default, the “overwrite existing” record is the chosen option.

When you are done with your choices, click on “Done” to import the records.

Once imported, these records will appear as “claimed” manual records in the system.

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