Publication Sources

Elements automatically harvests research and scholarly work from publications that Tufts has a subscription to.  These include:

  1.     Web of Science (WoS)
  2.     MLA (Modern Language Association)
  3.     Scopus (“largest database of peer-reviewed literature”)
  4.     Crossref (“official Digital Object Identifier “DOI” registration agency)
  5.     SSRN (Social Science Research Networks).
  6.     DBLP (Computer Science Bibliography).
  7.     RePec (Research Papers in Economics
  8.     Arxiv (“Repository of electronic e-prints, in the fields of math, physics, astronomy, computer science, quantitative biology, statistics and quantitative finance)

What is the frequency of the data source updates?

The datasets hosted by Symplectic are refreshed on a periodic basis.

  • Crossref, DBLP, and RePEc datasets are refreshed monthly.

Other 3rd party publication sources (i.e. WoS, Scopus) are refreshed approximately every 14 days.