Teaching Activities

The teaching activities module contains information about a faculty member’s specific teaching activities.  Approximately 10 years of Tufts course taught data from SIS is populated into the system.  If there are incorrect data from the institutional source, please review the contact info. You would need to update your information directly with the institutional source systems.

To manually add teaching activities to your profile:

These may be teaching activities not captured in SIS or other teaching activities outside of Tufts:

1. From the top section of the screen select the ‘Menu’ tab, and then choose ‘Teaching Activities’.

There are four options you can choose from:

  • A new course that has been developed
  • A new course taught
  • A new program that has been developed
  • Other teaching activities

2.    To add a new activity select ‘Add a new teaching activity’ from the top right menu. Click ‘Add a new course developed’

3.   Fill out the mandatory information listed on this page. As always, it is best to fill out as much information as possible, not just what is required.In this case the mandatory information is:

  • Course Title
  • Delivery Type – note that multiple options can be selected here
  • Date first taught
  • The Institution the course was developed for

4.  Click Save once all the fields have been populated. You will be taken to a confirmation screen. From here, you can add a Label to the course, edit the record, or add links to the teaching activity. For now, click ‘Return to teaching activities’.  The teaching activity added will display at the top of the list.