The LIFE Project program at EPCS works towards offering a space where children can explore, learn and develop a variety of life skills in a fun and engaging environment that promotes creativity, problem solving skills and the development of an afterschool community within the EPCS larger group. The program runs Monday thru Friday from 4:00 to 5:30pm. The group gathers after extended day for a short community meeting that will help the children transition smoothly into the LIFE Project program. A variety of project-based activities focused on different life skills such as cooking and baking, nature and problem solving through engineering, creative arts and storytelling will be offered everyday.

LIFE Skills

Creative Arts Doing artistic activities with children encourages them to creatively express their feelings and ideas and allows them to understand that there are multiple perspectives in the way in which everyone perceives the world. Children will be provided with the opportunity to explore different art forms using a variety of media such as pencils, watercolors, clay and yarn among others. Throughout these activities we strive to promote creativity, self-expression, communication and appreciation of their work and others.

Nature and problem solving through engineering Daily contact with nature supports children’s development in every major way. Students will be in contact with nature in different ways. They will be working in the gardens, building awareness on how to respectfully interact with nature, and using their senses to appreciate their surroundings. On the other hand they will use engineering to solve problems. Children will be exposed to different challenges where they will have to use engineering, creativity and collaboration to solve them.

Social Justice Talking about social justice in the classroom help students develop the critical thinking, collaboration, and self-reflection skills necessary to foster a better society. In Life Project we are working to build critical thinking skills, name community values, and empower ourselves to be change makers! Using stories, field trips, and more we will investigate important topics like race, gender, bodies, and current events. Learning critically about our differences is an important piece of our anti-bias approach and a great way for kids to develop strong senses of their own power in the world.

Cooking and Baking Cooking and baking can help children learn a variety of skills in different areas of development. As they measure and mix they are practicing mathematical concepts as well as experimenting with different substances and making predictions and observations. Children can share family recipes and use vegetables and herbs from our gardens to cook.