Learning a second language in the early years has lots of benefits on a child’s development. It promotes their  intellectual growth, raises greater sensitivity to language, and develops a more skilled ear for listening. In addition, it opens the door to new cultures and helps children appreciate and understand people from other countries. It is easy for young children to learn new languages, it’s what they naturally do. Their brains are programmed to do it! At EPCS we will seize this window of opportunity in the lives of our students to help them learn Spanish!
Our approach to teaching involves music, movement, games, story-telling, songs and activities. The goals and activities are developmentally appropriate for each age group.

Our goals are:

  • To create awareness that people in different parts of the world communicate in different languages.
  • Exposure to another language at an early age.
  • Recognizing and learning words in Spanish.
  • Set the foundation to keep learning Spanish later in life.