Our school was established in 1922

with children at the center of everything.

It sits at the foot of a small hill

in a cozy corner of the sprawling

Medford campus of Tufts University.


Our spacious natural outdoor space

invites children to play.

The textures of natural materials

offer experiences that nourish the whole child,

uplift children’s sense of wonder, 

kindle conversations and relationships, and

inspire them to imagine possibilities.


Our natural play spaces

advocate a sense of freedom and community,

foster familiarity and safety,

encourage children to be free to be, and

allow them to find their way, their place, and their voice.


Big picture windows in our classrooms

bring children’s outdoor pursuits indoors,

carry indoor queries outdoors, and

keep active minds and bodies at play.


Our modest school building and facilities

provide children a safe and comfortable place

to develop and grow

as a learner, friend, and community member.


The simplicity of our school grounds

reflects the clarity of our commitment to

provide all children with what they need

to thrive and strengthen

their sense of self and self-worth.


No matter where children live

or which season surrounds them,

our school is their home away from home.

“It’s a safe, supportive environment to grow with flexibility and an underlined structure that makes flexibility possible.”
Cynthia H.

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