Rope – MH

Throughout the movie, Hitchcock conceals instances of bravado. An example of this would be the scene in the movie where Brandon is talking to Phillip after all the guests have left for the evening, and he tells Phillip, “I thought that was wonderful. Didn’t you like it?” Hitchcock is clearly showing Brandon’s confidence through his actions in this scene. He is seen smiling and laid back on the chair, joyed with throwing a successful party. However, Hitchcock is not only showing Brandon’s fearlessness with this scene. He’s also showing his own courage. Through Brandon’s actions and words, Hitchcock is speaking to the audience, asking how pleased they are with the masterpiece Hitchcock has filmed–as if we could see Hitchcock speaking to the audience instead of Brandon talking to Phillip. Concealing this instance of bravado could add to the notion that Rope, to Hitchcock, is too queer because, unlike previous movies he has directed, he doesn’t want to make a physically visible cameo.

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