$100k Finals landing page – 2022

Format for Virtual Finals

  • Kickoff in the main Zoom session with addresses from President Tony Monaco, Dean Lee, TGI Executive Director Kevin Oye, Professor Jack Derby
  • Move to 3 separate Zoom sessions, each dedicated to one of the three tracks: General Technology, Healthcare and Life Sciences and Social Impact.  Teams will present simultaneously in each track.
  • Return to main Zoom session for networking while judges deliberate.
  • Reconvene in the main Zoom session for the finalist announcement as well as awards announcements for the Ricci Prize, the Friedman Prize and the Montle Prize.


Zoom links

Main Zoom Session

Kickoff, networking and finalist announcement

Track 1

General Technology

Track 2

Healthcare & Life Science

Track 3

Social Impact

Detailed schedule

Following is the tentative schedule of the Tufts $100k Virtual Finals

  • 10:00am: Virtual doors open on the main Zoom room
  • 10:05am: Welcome address featuring President Monaco, SoE Dean Ad Interim Kyongbum Lee, Tufts Gordon Institute Executive Director Kevin Oye, DEC Professor of the Practice Jack Derby
  • 10:30am: Move to Zoom meetings for each track
  • 10:40am: Track Judges are introduced within their Zoom sessions
  • 10:45am: Teams 1,2,3,4,5 present (12 min turnover)
  • 11:45am: Return to main Zoom room for networking while judges deliberate
  • 12:30pm: Winners for the $100k, Ricci, Friedman and Montle Prizes announced in the main Zoom session
  • 1:00pm: Event conclusion



Presentation order

Track 1: General Technology

A Day With



Markit Social Inc.


Track 2: Healthcare and Life Science

Lumilin Therapeutics




Track 3: Social Impact

Active Heirs

Co-Plant Seeds

NewLine Tire


The STEAM Team


  • Problem: Does the team understand the problem and target customer?
  • Solution: Does the proposed solution solve the problem in a unique manner compared to the alternative?
  • Go to market strategy: Does the team have a credible and thoughtful go-to-market strategy?
  • Unit and overall economics: Is the proposed business model financially sustainable?
  • Scale: Is the venture capable of scaling up to impact a large number of people?
  • Impact: How is the world a better place if the team solves this problem?
  • Team: Did the team convince the judges they are the right people to solve this problem?
  • Presentation: Was the team effective in presenting their venture?
  • Wildcard: Did anything about the team particularly impress you?