About Derby Entrepreneurship Center

At the Derby Entrepreneurship Center at Tufts, we believe everyone can become entrepreneurial. We believe an entrepreneurial mindset and skillset helps our students and alumni succeed wherever their professional journeys take them, whether it’s in a startup, corporation, nonprofit or in government.

For our undergraduate students, we offer a rich set of innovation and entrepreneurship courses. We are home to the Entrepreneurship Minor. We also offer the Entrepreneurship for Social Impact Minor in collaboration with Tisch College of Civic Life.

For everyone across our 11 schools and colleges, as well as our alumni and community members, we offer a full suite of co-curricular programs and activities outside the classroom. These range from 1×1 coaching sessions to workshops, events, entrepreneurial internship programs, venture competitions and a full time summer accelerator that is open to students and recent alumni.

Most of our online resources and virtual workshops and events are open to the public. Hope to see you at one of our events!


We provide academic courses that offer practical, real-world entrepreneurial experiences and teaching to help prepare students to become active citizens and leaders across all disciplines and segments of society and to continuously change the world for the better. Students can either take our courses as electives or enroll in one of our two entrepreneurship minors.


We provide co-curricular programs and activities that offer entrepreneurship learning experiences outside the for-credit classroom. We provide 1×1 coaching; we teach core concepts and skills in Jumbo Cafe workshops; we host meetups and events; we offer funding via competitions, prizes & awards; and we also run a summer accelerator.


We also offer a rich set of free resources for all entrepreneurs, whether they are associated with Tufts or not. We open-source our Entrepreneurship 101 approach for first time entrepreneurs to learn on their own. We have a searchable knowledgebase. We also curate startup perks and other resources and references for your convenience.

Our partners at Tufts university

Tisch College

Tisch College and Derby Entrepreneurship Center work closely together to offer a variety of educational resources to students interested in social entrepreneurship. The Entrepreneurship for Social Impact Minor is developed in partnership with Tisch College. Tisch is the sponsor of our social impact courses, ENT141 Innovative Social Enterprises and ENT194 Non-Profits, Philanthropy and Impact. Tisch College also provides financial support to our co-currricular programming for social impact.

Friedman School

The Friedman School’s Food & Nutrition Innovation Institute (FNII) offers entrepreneurial programming and funding support for students interested in food, nutrition and nutrition policy. Friedman is the sponsor of the course NUTR280 Nutrition in Entrepreneurship. FNII offers a speaker series, the Nourish Cafe, on Thursday evenings during the semester. FNII also offers the Friedman Prize administered alongside the Tufts $100k competition.


Additional student resources at Tufts

Fletcher School

The Fletcher School is a strong supporter of using entrepreneurship to create impact. Fletcher School offers a large portfolio of graduate level courses in global entrepreneurship. It also administers the D-prize which awards up to $30,000 to support a team working on a social enterprise in a developing country.

Institute for Global Leadership

The Institute for Global Leadership (IGL) administers the Empower program for Social Entrepreneurship, which provides financial support to undergraduate and graduate students to gain practical skills through experiential learning in social entrepreneurship.