Undergraduate entrepreneurship courses @Tufts

Tufts Entrepreneurship Center offers a variety of innovation and entrepreneurship courses to students from all schools at Tufts University. These courses provide students with practical skills whether they want to be in a startup, a big company, a non profit, or even in a government agency. We offer a full range of experiences, from foundational courses such as “Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurial Thinking” and “ENT101: Entrepreneurship and Business Planning” to core courses like Finance, Marketing and Leadership, skillset deep dives such as “The Science of Sales” and “Entrepreneurial Business Law”, and sector specific courses including “Consumer Product Ventures”, “Innovative Social Enterprises”, “Entrepreneurship for Computer Scientists” and more.

These courses include the following class attributes:
BFA-Social Science, LA-Distribution-Social Sciences, SoE-HASS-Social Sciences.

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For Undergraduates: Two Minor Programs

In addition to taking an entrepreneurship course as an elective, undergraduates can also choose between two minor programs.

The Entrepreneurship Minor

The Entrepreneurship minor is the largest minor on campus with more than 800 students taking our courses every year. To fulfill the minor, students take a total of 5 courses, including the four core courses (Entrepreneurship 101, Finance, Marketing and Leadership) as well as one elective course of your choice.

The Entrepreneurship for Social Impact Minor

The Entrepreneurship for Social Impact Minor is offered in partnership with Tisch College of Civic Life. This innovative minor will provide students with additional pathways to be civically engaged and support communities.


MSIM students engaging in classroom.

For Graduates: MS in Innovation & Management and Dual Degree Programs

MS in Innovation & Management Program

The MS in Innovation & Management from Tufts University’s Gordon Institute, home to the Tufts Entrepreneurship Center, is a full-time, accelerated program designed for people who want to make things happen. Who are passionate about science, technology, engineering, or math. Who believe new solutions will solve our toughest challenges – and make this a better world.

Build on your undergraduate entrepreneurial journey and gain experience with the full innovation lifecycle from conceptualization to commercialization and beyond, all in as little as a year. Gain skills in finance, marketing, new product development, and more. In addition, earn one of 13 graduate certificates offered by Tufts School of Engineering concurrently with no additional cost.

Tufts undergraduate students (Juniors and Seniors) are eligible to apply for the Tufts Combined Degree program (BS + MSIM), which offers guaranteed tuition scholarships and other benefits to qualified students. For specific information on these benefits, learn more here.

MSIM + MS in Engineering: Dual Degree Master’s Program

Develop your innovation, leadership, and management skills and build your technical depth with our Dual Degree master’s program. You’ll earn two degrees – an MS in Innovation & Management (MSIM) and an MS offered by one of the six academic departments within the School of Engineering. And, you can earn both degrees in an accelerated timeframe at a reduced cost.

Innovation and engineering management courses offered by Tufts Gordon Institute

In addition to courses listed under the “ENT” subject, Tufts Gordon Institute, the parent organization of TEC, offers a large array of courses covering diverse topics in innovation, engineering management and leadership. Click the button to read about all academic courses and programs offered by Tufts Gordon Institute.

Other entrepreneurial offerings at Tufts

Following are a few other courses about innovation and entrepreneurship offered by various schools and colleges at Tufts. Some of these courses have enrollment restrictions. We are providing this information for entrepreneurial students from all schools so that they can find courses they are eligible for / find people in other schools who may have experience in innovation and entrepreneurship.

School of Engineering Courses

Students learn what questions to ask and actions to take at various phases of new product evolution. Emphasis is placed on customer input and cross-functional team roles and responsibilities. The central focus of this course is the development of a new product concept by cross-functional student teams that integrates learning from other first-semester courses. The student teams formally present their concepts at the end of the semester and develop effective techniques to present to senior management and/or prospective investors.

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An introduction to civil infrastructure with a focus on its transportation, water, energy and waste management components. Both technical and professional aspects of these components will be explored. In addition, the “entrepreneurial mindset”, via elements of the Lean Start-up process, will be used to explore how innovations in civil infrastructure can be developed and implemented. This ‘mindset’ may provide a more effective alternative in conceptualizing infrastructure (re)development. Though technical content and entrepreneurship are emphasized, the course also explores ethical issues and broader impacts of civil infrastructure with an emphasis on the political and social justice aspects in current solutions.

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Experimential College Courses

This long-standing Experiential College course provides an introduction to the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

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This course provides a fun and interesting take on IP law in an entrepreneurial setting.

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Fletcher School courses

The course seeks to prepare students to start businesses in which they have a significant equity interest. It focuses on the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes in two areas: how to analyze opportunities quickly and cheaply; and how to secure resources (money, customers, and people) in the early stages of an enterprise. The primarily cased based course also has several guest experts and (in lieu of in-class lectures) extensive pre-class readings.

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Tufts MD-MBA Program

This entrepreneurship bootcamp is available for 3rd year MD-MBA students only.

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