Accelerator: 2021 Bootcamp, Workshops & Fireside chats

Day 1: June 1, 2021 - Kickoff!

Kickoff and icebreakers – Tina Weber

Running a high performance founding team – Tina Weber

Framing & Business Model Canvas review – Tina Weber


Day 2: June 2, 2021 - Market & Customer; Solution & Differentiation

Market Segmentation and Selection – Elaine Chen

Solution & Differentiation – Tina Weber

Go to market & Pricing strategy – Gavin Finn

Day 3: June 3, 2021 - Go to market strategy & pricing, making money & legal

Biz Model and Hypothesis Testing – Elaine Chen


Unit and overall economics – Frank Apeseche


Joe Volman

Entrepreneurial and Business Law – Joe Volman

June 8, 2021

10:00 am – 11:30 am Primary Market Research (PMR) – Elaine Chen

In this workshop on primary market research (PMR), we will provide a brief overview of the full range of qualitative and quantitative research techniques for entrepreneurs and innovators to build knowledge about their target customer. We will do a skills clinic on two techniques: detailed interviews and card sorting.  We will also briefly cover cold emailing and networking to get research subjects.

July 13, 2021 @6:30pm EST

Goal Setting for Startups –  Professor Tina Weber

Join Tufts Professor Tina Weber in our goal setting workshop for startups where you will learn how to set aggressive yet achievable goals, and use rituals inspired by the Agile software development process and other best practices to help you manage progress.

July 21, 2021 @12pm EST

Digital Marketing workshop –  Patrick Lord, Founder & Principal, Wherewithall

In this workshop we will work on digital marketing tactics including inbound marketing as well as paid advertising including Facebook and Google Ads and other pay per click mechanisms. We will also cover email campaigns, re-targeting, content marketing and more.

July 26, 2021

Storytelling workshop – Professor Tina Weber

In this workshop we will work on storytelling skills. Reciting facts about your venture will not excite or inspire your audience; telling compelling stories will. Learn how to use TED talk worthy storytelling techniques like defining and staying close to a throughline, varying the emotional content over time, staying in the moment and more to tell the story of your customer and your ventures and truly connect with your audience.

August 3, 2021

How to hire great employees –  Sean McLoughlin, Associate VP at HireMinds

Join us for an insightful presentation and discussion designed to help you identify and avoid the frustrating pitfalls that can sneak up on you at the job offer negotiation stage. We will cover topics from writing a job description to defining the title and compensation package and how to sell the vision of the company to get to “yes”.

Date and time TBD

Fund raising workshop – TBD

In this workshop we will discuss different ways to raise money from non traditional, equity free mechanisms such as grants and loans to convertible notes and SAFEs in seed rounds, all the way to “lettered rounds” from VCs. Of course the best way to raise money remains revenue and the best investors remain your paying customers.

Noah Elion – Founder & CEO, Chums

Hosted by Iggy Moliver, Global Chair, Tufts Entrepreneurial Network (TEN)

How did a mobile app company that just graduated from Y Combinator and just launched its product manage to not only raise an old-school Series A round of capital, but was so oversubscribed that they ended up raising $1M more than expected? Hear the story from cofounder & CEO of ChumsNoah Elion about how it happened all in a COVID year.

More coming soon!

Date and time TBD