Accelerator: About

The Tufts Venture Accelerator was founded in 2018 and has been successfully impacting entrepreneurs ever since. The program started with just a few teams, and in 2020, the accelerator scaled dramatically and remotely to include 78 undergraduate and graduate students across the globe with promising new venture ideas.

This experience showed us that we had the potential to impact many more entrepreneurs than we had physical space for. We were inspired to build for scale in 2021, turning to a two-tier design: An intimate, high touch, cohort-based residential program for a select group of entrepreneurs who are working full time on their ventures, and a free, open, self-guided platform with weekly suggestions and access to our growing repository of educational content for any entrepreneur in the world who wants to follow our 11-week program on their own.

The Tufts Venture Accelerator has been generously seed-funded in part by two pioneering members of our Board of Advisors and further supported by other advisory board members, alumni and friends, lending their time and expertise as speakers and mentors.


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