Accelerator: How it works

Full-Time Edition

Selected teams will start the 11-week program with an intensive entrepreneurship bootcamp to review key concepts and make sure we all speak the same language. We will also perform an intake venture assessment for each team to understand where each team stands and identify areas to focus on throughout the summer.

From Week 2 to Week 11, teams will be working on their venture with 1×1 coaching and mentorship. Each team will meet with one of the program’s dedicated entrepreneurial coaches once a week to review their achievements, discuss concerns, map what they want to accomplish for the next week. They can also sign up for additional office hours to get help on specific issues. Teams will also be matched with dedicated volunteer mentors who have subject matter expertise in the teams’ sector, and will meet with mentors 3-5 times throughout the summer to get advice. We will also foster peer coaching and collaboration through small group discussions and exercises. Teams will also have full access to our self-guided accountability platform, curated educational content and Slack workspace.

Throughout the summer we will partner with Tufts Entrepreneurial Network (the alumni arm of Derby Entrepreneurship Center) to set up fireside chats with entrepreneurs who will share stories from the field. Educational workshops and dedicated office hours on specific topics such as finance, digital marketing and the like will be organized as the need arises.

There will be two formal progress check-in’s: Once in the middle of the program, and one at the end of the program. Each team will present their progress to coaches and mentors and set up topics of discussion to get help and advice.

Self-Guided Edition

All teams who apply to either edition will be automatically enrolled into our experimental self-guided platform.  Teams will receive weekly suggestions on things to focus on that is aligned with the thematic focus of the Full Time Edition of the accelerator for that week. Teams will also have access to our experimental self-guided accountability platform, curated educational content and the Tufts Venture Accelerator 2021 Slack Workspace. Teams may also review recordings of select events that are open to the Full Time Edition participants.

In addition, there are three types of events from the Full Time Edition that will be open to the community. Participants of the Self-Guided Edition will be eligible to participate in these events.

  • Recurring AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions with an entrepreneurial host – first come, first serve
  • Pop-up Educational Workshops in the style of Jumbo Cafes which we host during the academic year
  • Fireside chats with startup and corporate innovators and entrepreneurs and investor panels

While we will not be able to provide 1×1 coaching or mentor matching for the self-guided edition, we will set up a Slack Workspace as a courtesy to help participants of the Self-Guided Edition to connect with each other and organize peer-coaching activities such as weekly CEO check-in’s, match-making between teams and prospective team members and more.

Comparing the Full-Time Edition with the Self-Guided Edition

Following is a comparison of the two editions at a glance.

Full-Time Edition Self-Guided Edition
Week 1 Entrepreneurship Bootcamp and venture assessment Available Not available; however, recordings will be provided
Weekly 1×1 meetings with residential entrepreneurial coaches at TEC Available Not available
Mentor matching Available Not available
Venture Awards up to $5000 Available Not available
Negotiated Startup Perks with service providers Available Not available
Access to our co-working space if/when in-person or hybrid activities become advisable Available Not available
Facilitated weekly peer coaching sessions Available Not available; however, participants are encouraged to organize their own peer coaching sessions
Weekly AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions with an entrepreneurial coach Available Available
Pop-up Educational Workshops Available A subset will be available
Speaker events Available A subset will be available
Networking / social events Available A subset will be available
Access to self-guided accountability platform with weekly suggestions Available Available
Access to curated educational content including an innovator’s knowledgebase Available Available
Access to the Accelerator 2021 Slack Workspace Available Available