Ideas Competition 2020 Finalists and Winners

Ideas Competition 2020 Winners

Judges’ choice

First place: Resonance Lab

Second place: ezTrek

Third place: Lumilin


Audience favorite:

Smart Therapy


Meet the Ideas Competition 2020 finalists!

General Technology Track

Team 1: Practice Buddies

Practice buddies is a service that connects young beginner musicians with high school or college aged musicians – or, “Practice Buddies” – who will facilitate fun, productive and rewarding practice sessions.


Team 2: WμNderskin

At WμNderskin, we will improve existing hydrocolloid technology to create the first skin-like, skin-tone inclusive, physical anti-chafing product on the market.

Team 3: Grabbit

Grabbit allows customers to search for items on our mobile platform and map out the quickest route to pick up these items from the closest local stores.

Team 4: Gather

Gather is a mobile app for college students who want to schedule and attend spontaneous social gatherings while avoiding the daunting process of coordinating plans by messaging group chats and/or individuals.

Social Impact Track

Team 5: Luddite

Luddite aims to mitigate the negative psychological and community effects that arise from the transition to new technology and most detrimentally affect the “old economy” labor market.

Team 6: Resonance Lab

Our vision is to provide clean, reliable and affordable energy solutions to low-income households in rural India via innovative thin-sheet solar panels bundled with home kits at the doorstep of rural customers.

Team 7: Desi Nation: Podcast

‘Desi Nation’ is a podcast that addresses the issue of trust deficit amongst peoples by promoting cultural and socio-economic synergies amongst the youth in South Asia.

Healthcare Track

Team 8: ezTrek

ezTrek is the first completely independent, low cost, and portable mobility solution for wheelchair users that can tackle adverse terrain. They are easily attachable with velcro straps and provide the user with increased mobility through improved traction.

Team 9: Smart Therapy

Smart Therapy bridges the disconnect between physical therapists and their patients via a wearable device and a feedback platform.

Team 10: Lumilin Therapeutics

Lumilin Therapeutics is developing an autonomous medical device that lasts 6-12 months as an insulin alternative, and thus saves patients money in the long run.