“For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.” - Rudyard Kipling

Entrepreneurship is truly a team sport. It is all about the people around you who can help you succeed. The professors who help you learn frameworks and skills, the role models who inspire you to push yourself to the limit, the mentors and coaches who help you reduce theory to practice, the teammates who work side by side with you to do great things. But above all, it’s about your fellow entrepreneurs: Those around you who are going through similar challenges who can form a phenomenal peer support network.

On this page you will learn about student and alumni groups and resources, on and off campus who are interested in innovation and entrepreneurship. We encourage you to connect with as many peer groups as you can, and start building out your network. You will be amazed what you can learn from each other and how students and alumni can connect and create mutually rewarding mentorship relationships.

Connect with students and alumni

EAT: Entrepreneurship Association of Tufts

The Entrepreneurship Association of Tufts (EAT) is a student-run initiative whose goal is to foster an entrepreneurial community across Tufts. From engineers to artists to entrepreneurs, we are dedicated to bringing together cutting edge people and ideas.

WE@T: Women Entrepreneurs @Tufts

WE@T is Tufts’ newest and only club dedicated exclusively to celebrating women entrepreneurs. WE@T aims to encourage and engage women to celebrate their own capacity as entrepreneurs and business leaders.

TEN: Tufts Entrepreneurship Network

The Tufts Entrepreneurial Network (TEN) is committed to bringing together global Tufts alumni across all business, professional, and education sectors to discuss challenges and opportunities related to entrepreneurship.

Find an entrepreneurial mentor at the HERD: Tufts' flash mentoring program

The HERD is a flash mentoring program designed to provide real-world, beyond-the-classroom exposure, helping students build relationships with industry professionals by connecting current students with Tufts alumni, parents, and friends in mentoring relationships. Flash mentoring is one-time or short-term mentoring centered around tactical meetings that provide timely knowledge for participants. And, of course, mentors and mentees can also develop lasting relationships.

Anyone with a Tufts ID can sign up, create a profile, and immediately begin to explore the community for potential mentors. As of early October 2020, there are 199 active users who list “entrepreneurship” as an industry expertise. TEC is actively working with the alumni association and the HERD’s administrators to continuously recruit more entrepreneurial alumni to join the HERD as mentors.